This evening, 02/08/2015, 1230am, the driver of this matte blue BMW punched me in the face and drove off, leaving my nose with a gash and blood clots inside. I now have slight difficulties in breathing. He also left my passenger with a gaping wound.

This driver stopped his car at the exit gantry of Balmoral Plaza, not allowing the vehicle I was driving to exit. I high beamed him, but to no avail. I then sounded my horn twice to alert him of my presence, yet he didn’t respond. Subsequently, I left my vehicle and walked towards the driver’s side of the BMW to ask him to move. He didn’t. He hurled explisitives at me and asked why I couldn’t wait. Apparently he was having an argument with the passenger in his car. I once again raisedy voice to ask him to move. Once again, he cursed at me and came out of the vehicle and challenged me to a fight. He lunged forward and punched my nose. My passenger who came out wanting to stop him got hit too, suffering from a 1cm gash near the nape of his neck. During the struggle, I kicked his car door, leaving a huge dent on it. He then entered his car spat at me and drove off with the lady.

To the 1.78cm tall driver with short dyed hair and bad complextion, I’ll make sure karma gets you. May you get busted for all your I’ll gotten gains. To your parents: what a champ you brought to this society.

I hope this driver will be found, named and removed from the roads

Ming Maew
A.S.S. Reader

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