This picture of a woman engrossed with watching shows on her handphone while occupying a reserved seat on the MRT has gone viral on cyberspace.

Netizens roundly criticised her for offering her seat to the elderly lady standing beside her or to the little girl sitting on the floor beside her.

The lady in the photo by the name of Pingping Li has emerged claiming there was another side to the story. In her Facebook explanation, Pingping Li said that the elderly woman and the young girl boarded the MRT after her. A woman seated nearby offered the elderly woman her seat but the old lady refused the offer. She claimed that she too offered the old lady her seat but was reject because the elderly lady claimed that they were alighting soon.

Similarly, the young girl also refused her offer for the seat. This is why she ended up seated comfortably on the reserved seat seemingly oblivious to the elderly lady and young girl.

This is one of the many incidents of self-righteous netizens snapping photos of inconsiderate commuters and publically shaming them online.

Maybe it is time for Singaporeans to take a step back and not be too quick to judge.

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