PAP has got property stamp duties, COEs, $100 casino entry for Singaporeans, ERPs, current 7% GST, income tax and all these are not enough?

3% may not sound a lot but say for a family who spends 5k per month, 10% of GST per month will be $500 and 1 year will be $6000.

Hiring all these scholars, paying them huge salaries and yet can’t solve our low/middle income people. So I will recommend WP to win all seats and SDP to win too… This will make PAP shiat bricks and make them think harder

As a property agent myself I have seen how much consumers have to pay to the govt on the stamp duties alone. And it is freak scary. For example a foreigner bought a condo for 1mill, the stamp duty alone can be up to $180K.

And govt still complain no money and need more taxes to help the poor?! And if you happen to remember the recent top agent who transacted the penthouse unit which earned her millions of commission, but who earns more in the transaction? The govt or her? The stamp duty that the buyer is paying or the 1-2% commission that she is earning?

So where do these money goes to? Please think carefully before u vote

Singaporean Property Agent
A.S.S. Reader

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