Suppose you have a friend who borrowed money from you and promised to return to you in full at a specific date.

But as the day draws nearer, he keeps coming up with various excuses not to pay you back, even accusing that you will blow it all away on women, gambling and all sort of ill habits. He claims that it is for your own good that he is not paying you back. After much protests, he delays payment by another 10 years, and even then, he is only going to pay back by installments. There is no guarantee that when the payment date comes, he will not delay again.

And now, he set up a new company and force your whole family to buy his insurance. The premiums will be deducted from the money he owes you. Opting out is not an option, as he will just deduct whether you like it or not. Furthermore, he alone will get to decide on how much the premiums are and you have no say.

Eventually, the premiums are going to wipe out whatever amount he owes you. That is when things get interesting. Now instead of him owing you money, you owe him. And with that, you have to pay him cash for the premiums he demands. If you fail to pay, he will file an injunction to prevent you from leaving the country, even if it is just for a short trip to relax in nearby JB, till you somehow manage to cough up money to pay him. On top of that, he will demand that you pay as high as 17% interests on whatever he says you owe him. If you keep refusing to make payment into his scam, he will have you thrown in jail.

But despite all that, he tells you that you should trust him as he has your best interests at heart and good intention in everything he did (and is doing) to you.

The question is, if you have a friend like that, would you still trust him?

If yes, then there is nothing more to say. Happy paying.

If no, then why would you even trust any political party that behaves like that, much less vote for them?

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