The quality of debate in parliament is poor, WP raised a lot of good questions but they are ordinary in arguments and do not follow up as they might worry about the potential face off. I had seen PM teething in anger and LTK looked stunned and meek.

If you look at the PAP ministers, they are mediocre material. People like FT-The-COW-$8-bypass could not even answer questions and chose to tell butterfly lovers’ stories of no sense. Most of these ministers count on their government agencies to provide reports and statistics. Even the so called top class lawyer Shamugam could not use the right stats to showdown with Sylvia Lim. He used the wrong chart and barked down the wrong tree, can you tell his top class? So please, the myth of top political talents in PAP is nothing more than a myth. Most of them are there because they are YES-MEN and they read the scripts provided by office of the Supreme Leader. Do you agree Amos Yee can speak better than LSS? Or even CCS? These people can’t even express themselves and yet they are going to be our next gen leaders. Did it ever cross your mind?

We need very strong debaters and intellects in parliament. To study and look into the reports and statistics provided by government. At this moment, WP is pretty weak in this area and often could not decipher through the mist created by ministers in their response. Do you believe our population stats or the manpower stats or the unemployment stats? Few of us believe the tweaked reports and stats but no one dare to clarify in parliaments. So what does this mean? We just accept whatever they tell us?

The parliament debates have to improve the quality of its debate and fine tune all the lousy policies affecting Singaporeans. So there is a critical need to send in vocal, intelligent and intellects into parliament. We do need people like Dr Chee, Tan Jee Say, KJ, AYG and some of these doctorates who will be contesting. These people will decipher the usual mist with those policies and reports on our behalf.

Would you agree that in addition to the 28 WP candidates, we need to help Dr Chee, Tan Jee Say, KJ and some of these intellects win this coming election so that local interests are protected against those “butterfly lovers” with their butterfly theories in parliament?


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