‘How many servicemen are required to change a light bulb?’


1 Camp Commandant, Commanding officer, Officer Commanding to approve training
1 supervising officer
1 conducting officer
1 safety officer
1 sergeant to conduct warmup and cool down
1 medic
1 vehicle operator
1 storeman for drawing of bulb and water point
2 medics in medical center
1 medical officer on standby at the nearest 24hr medical center
1 NSF man to participate in training
1 clerk to loan out lesson plan

A light bulb serviceability checklist, a copy of the Light Bulb Standard Operating Procedure with all of its up-to-date chapters and contents and a lesson plan should be on site.

All activity must cease in the event of CAT 1 (thunderstorm).

Conducting officer must do a check of wet glove bulb thermometer before start of activity

Serviceman must be hydrated at least 1 hour before the activity and must have at least 7 hours of uninterrupted rest.

Evacuation route to nearest medical center, 24 hour medical center and base hospital must be planned and understood by vehicle operator (to be checked by safety officer)
conducting and safety officer will have to conduct a recce of the training area 1 hour before commencement of training

The safety officer is to ensure that the medic has the proper equipment necessary for cover of the training.

Serviceman must conduct risk assessment card before commencement of activity

Safety officer must ensure participants have no medical conditions or status to prohibit participation

conducting officer is to conduct a conducting brief, safety brief and warmup (dedicate to sergeant) before activity

Participants must be checked for First aid dressing and ID tag

All servicemen must also be trained to handle the light bulb accordingly and test results must be updated and present for inspection. This includes a technical handling test for the participants

At the end of activity, a cool down must be conducted

Servicemen must surrender all light bulbs and commanders must check that servicemen do not have any light bulb, used light bulb, blown light bulb, broken light bulb or any other form of light emitting devices in their possession.

The conducting officer must conduct an end of mission debriefing to check the well-being of participants and listen to any inquires and concerns from the participants. The conducting officer should also use this opportunity to ensure that participants understand the rational behind the training.

During the training, the conducting and safety officer must continuously ensure that participants are fit to continue the activity.

Participants who are not fit to continue should be evaluated by the medic to determine if the participant can continue, should fall out and observe the activity or be send to medical facility.

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