Dear ASS,

Our sage Chan Chun Sing is absolutely right. Singaporeans should move out of their comfort zone, and emulate world class talents like John Duncan Tasker who has “global and regional perspectives”.

John Tasker (45), a former British military officer and personal protection officer of Princess Diana, left the military for the corporate world in the late 1990s. According to Linkedin, Tasker has stints at Interact Systems UK Limited (Head of Retail Projects, 99-01), HyrdoChina (Intl Engagement Director, 03-04), Getronics (Dutch ICT Services group, 04-10), Right Management (Market VP, 10-11) spanning Europe and Asia Pacific.


Tasker then took a bold step, and ventured to ‘pro-foreigner’/colonial hung-over Singapore to join JLC Group of Companies in 2011 as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Tasker in his early 40s was living the dream expat life, and leading the People’s Association (PA) community as the Vice Chairman of Upper Changi Neighbourhood Comittee . It was great, while it lasted.

In the words of Chan, John Tasker has indeed “go forth, see the world, and conquer the world” by extending Anglo Saxon dominance in Asia. This can be seen with Tasker’s “global perspectives” that he should assert white privileges over the local Singaporean Asians when it comes to securing a parking spot.

Chan is right about going overseas, “it’s painful”,it’s difficult”, and “it has its challenges”. Tasker can attest to that, as he now faces two charges, namely for the use of criminal force and for driving rashly towards another driver, Yi Yongjie.

Parking “Douchebag” Cheesepie

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