A 29 year-old worker – who was reportedly suffering from autism – was killed yesterday in a freak accident which took place at a construction site in Sungei Tengah. He had been brutally impaled by an excavator operated by his colleague.

According to eye witnesses, the 29 year-old was working on site when the excavator’s metal arm accidentally pierced his left thigh, causing him to scream out in pain.

The wound caused by the excavator was large and had cut through to the bone, severing a major artery in the process. This caused the victim to bleed profusely.

Despite the best efforts of over 7 other workers on the scene, one of whom called for an ambulance immediately, they could not stop the 29 year-old victim from suffering further blood loss. When ambulance staff arrived, the man was already unconscious. He died along the way to the hospital.

Police have arrested the colleague operating the excavator. Investigations are ongoing.

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