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Being a single mother is not by choice .

A friend of mine got pregnant , both parties are happy n ready for marriage , preparation of wedding rings , Registration of marriage date have been fixed on 29.6.2015.

It was during a visit to KK hospital for pregnancy check up the man starting doubting if the baby was his .Then he started to be abusive towards her , calling her names . And when she resisted him sexually as she was tired n needed rest , he will nag n nag the whole night till she submits to him . On one such occasion he pinned her down w his fingers around her neck n his knee towards her tummy . She was terrified n begged him to stop as she can’t breathe n going to die then he stopped . Just before dawn break , she packed her things n left for good . And it’s late for an abortion, passes 3 months . It didn’t stop here . He bombarded her with awful, threatening texts day night. Everything has happened is her fault n nor of his n not once did he apologized… Only condemnations from him .

As any parents , relatives or friends , will we allow her to continue with the marriage just to get government grant even if it’s a unhappy abusive marriage.

There’s always a story behind being a single mother n it hurts me to know tt our Singapore do not recognize it .

These young ladies are Singaporeans giving birth to Singapore babies n as Singaporeans Government no benefits or handout to them … I am saddened tt the truth was not investigated for their stories . Just don’t brand them … Listen to their voices too.

Ps : as a taxpayer I would rather my money go into helping them then towards ingrate overseas scholars.

Thank you,

God Blessed

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