Dear A.S.S.,

My bad experience in a clinic I first time visit at North area..

I went to the clinic somewhere in the north side today and was shock to hear the response of the nurse (counter lady) Fyi, my first time visiting that particular clinic..

Conversation with the nurse (counter lady)
Nurse: Yes, how can I help you.
Me: I would like to consult doctor.
Nurse: For what purpose.
Me: Coughing.. *Coughs coughs..
She took my IC and Chas card..
Moments later
Nurse: You come like the others right?
Me: What you mean?
Nurse: You come here only to take cough syrup like the others right?
By this time in the back of my mind was WTF!!
Nurse continue blabbering: sorry ah I can’t give you the cough syrup.. You cannot get the cough syrup..
Me: Excuse me! I have been coughing for the past 3weeks non stop!!!
Nurse: if lozenges only can. Cough syrup cannot.
Me: again excuse me.. I come here to consult doctor to check what’s wrong as the cough is not getting any better. And to check if my throat is swollen or any sign of throat ulser or anything at all and not to get cough syrup and get high or steam with the cough syrup! (I guess that’s what the ppl have misuse the cough syrup for) I don’t mind if the doctor just give me lozenges for goodness sake as long as my sore throat is cured coz its bothering my daily rest and work!
Nurse: oh sorry.. I was just asking…
Me: are you for real?

I ask back for my IC and my Chas card and stomp out of the clinic.

Is this how ppl are treated in a clinic? I’m Genuinely sick and this is what I get? Are you counter lady at all trained to speak to patient is that manner and judging them that instantly? I haven even seen the doctor and the counter lady already told me the result.. Is she the doctor.. ?

Now I have no mood to even consult doctor.. Have to bear with this sore throat God knows for how long more.. Thanx to the counter lady..!!

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