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The General Election will take place soon. I would like to share my thoughts with fellow Singaporeans.

The EBRC report has been released to signify that the next General Election (GE) will take place sooner than expected. Thus it is heartening to note that since GE 2011, the Opposition Camps, particularly the Workers Party (WP), Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), Reform Party (RP), as well as the Singapore People’s Party (SPP), have all been working the ground so diligently to get acquainted with Voters.

The Workers Party (WP) may be the Leaders of the Opposition now with seven elected MPs. However, on Nomination Day when Parliament is dissolved, it will be just another opposition party, left very much on its own to fend for its political fortune in the GE. On paper, it may be perceived to be the strongest among the Opposition with the potential to recapture those wards they won in GE 2011. And if WP is happy with this, they will be letting down Singapore Voters miserably.

I am also sending the same message to all the other Opposition parties ~ It is not enough to just win seats in Parliament. Truth be told, PAP members are better seat warmers. Opposition members must be more useful and effective. We want opposition members to win seats and enter parliament as ONE UNITED VOICE. A FORCE to effectively change bad polices; to hinder and prevent the ruling party from having its way and passing bills and policies at will for their own interest.

Thus besides the bartering and negotiating to avoid 3-corner fights, I fervently hope that despite their diverse ideologies, and different manifestos, our Opposition Leaders can mutually agree to adopt a common Rally Call to enlighten Voters :

a. The 6.9Million PWP – This is a real threat and it is the biggest threat to Singaporeans. In fact it has already been passed for implementation. If Voters continue to vote for the PAP candidates, they will be voting in the same people who supported the bill which was passed it in parliament.

b. The PAP’s policies on Immigration, Manpower and Employment – Singaporeans are losing their jobs, as well as job opportunities and career advancement to cheap foreign talent and foreign labour. PAP’s policies are responsible for this grotesque state of affairs.

c. CPF Retirement Fund – The with-holding of our CPF money is causing great hardship to retirees. Having no alternative savings to fall back on, many retirees are forced to take up odd jobs or part-time work, with long hours and at very low pay. Many are also deterred from setting up a small time business because their CPF money is locked in and held by the CPF Board.

d. Number of Opposition Seats in Parliament – Many Singaporeans may not realise this ~ that what matters is not the percentage of popular votes (ie the percentage of total votes) that the Opposition is able to capture. Rather, what matters is the total number of seats that the Opposition MUST capture to effectively STOP the PAP. To immobilize them in Parliament, the Opposition must deny PAP 2/3 of the 89 seats in Parliament….. That means the PAP must not win 59 seats or more. This will effectively stop the PAP from passing new policies and laws; from changing and tweaking parts of our Constitution for their own interests. As ONE UNITED VOICE with the same Goal n Mission, we can do it.

We are at the threshold of a new political era for Singapore. Vote for a more balanced Representation in Parliament.

Roger SS Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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