According to the Ministry of Defence (Mindef), it now wields a software that can remotely disable cameras, Wi-Fi connection, and microphones in mobile devices, as well as wipe out their data and track their locations.

Mobile device management (MDM) technology is now being tested on tablets used by civilian contractors who maintain the more than 6,000 buildings and facilities owned by the Singapore Armed Forces and Mindef. This is to manage the increasing prevalence of such devices which are being used by personnel and for non-core functions in the SAF.

Mindef cited a scenario where someone was found to be taking an unauthorized photo of a classified document or area with the tablet. In the scenario, the MDM software would be able to lock the device remotely, detect its location and delete its contents and disable the camera, microphone and Wi-Fi connection.

According to inside sources from the Straits Times, Mindef may be planning to wire 520 mobile devices with the MDM software.

Currently, MDM applications have been installed in tablets and laptops used by soldiers to access online lessons in military institutes such as the Basic Military Training Centre and Safti Military Institute.

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