Infamous Mobile Air owner Jover Chew Chiew Loon has been slapped with 2 additional charges – one for insulting behavior towards a female customer, Ms Zou Jing Tong, with intent to cause her distress and conspiracy with his ex-employee, Kam Kok Keong, 31, to cheat walk-in customers between December 2013 and September last year.

On 28th October last year, Chew had forced Ms Zou to pick up coins amounting to $547 from the floor, all while throwing vulgarities and insults at the woman as she picked up the money in front of a crowd. The money was refunded to Ms Zou as part of an order made by the Small Claims Tribunal.

Chew now faces a total of 28 charges.

Kam was also slapped with a similar charge involving Ms Zou. He now faces nine charges in all.

Besides cheating, Chew has also been accused of criminal intimidation by threatening to have a victim’s work permit revoked.

Three other staff members of Mobile Air have also been hauled to court for abetment by conspiracy to cheat and dishonestly inducing delivery of property.

Koh Guan Seng, 38, faces 15 charges involving $9,789. Lim Hong Ching, 33, has two charges involving $1,600, and Kelvin Lim Zhi Wei, 32, one involving $330.

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