According to reader Kaixin, she was dining at Casurina Curry restaurant on Saturday with her friend when the back of her calves started to feel extremely irritated and itchy.

She was seated in the interior part of the restaurant where there were cushion seats – the parts of her legs that were in contact with the seat were had already begun forming visibly angry red spots.

“Within 10 minutes of sitting down, the back of my calves, which were the only parts of my skin in direct contact with the cushioned seat, started to itch and swollen red wheals begin to form on my skin.

“My friend didn’t ‘kena’ because he was wearing long pants. It’s very likely the chair because of the affected area.

“We left the restaurant within half an hour.

“I thought it was just regular mosquito bites [at first], I didn’t realise it was so bad.”

In fact, it got so bad that the red patches burned and swelled and itched some more for days.

She visited the doctor and was diagnosed with a case of moderate to severe rash.

She has since been plagued by a terrible itch at the back of my calves which worsens with any form of contact or perspiring. She again visited the doctor last night but the diagnosis was either a material allergy or insect bites which led to a severe rash. She also received an MC and exemption from exercise for one week.

She said: “As I have no history of being allergic to natural or artificial fibers, it is highly likely that the latter scenario is true and their chairs are infested with bugs.”

“These past few days have been grueling mentally and physically due to the debilitating itch and stinging sensation,” She added. “This is a situation where I would not wish upon my worst enemy. I truly hope that NEA could help carry out a thorough investigation to prevent any more people from falling victim to being bitten so badly while dining in their restaurant.”

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