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My wife agreed to housesit/catsit her friends’ place while they were off to Europe for a week. Months earlier, my wife said that the house was haunted because the cat was always hiding and/or meowing and staring at something invisible. My wife also claims to have felt a bad presence while in the house.

Her friends have said the same thing about the cat. Not that their place was haunted or anything like that.

I was pretty skeptical until I had to stay over at their place for a total of three nights during their latest trip. First night, nothing happened except that the cat was running around meowing a lot at night. Odd but he is a freaky little animal.

Second night, I had the worst nightmares ever! People I know were hanging themselves.

Third night, I woke up at around 4 am because the cat was still running around and meowing. So, I am lying there half asleep and I distinctly heard in my right ear a man saying “Egg”!

We all have our internal monologues but this was an actual voice coming from my right side. On that side of the bed are just windows that are six storeys up looking onto the main road.

Am not staying there another night!

A.S.S. Reader

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