So I booked this GRABCAR SFY7104K about 4am this morning to go home because my gf told me there’s some SG50 promo. For those of you who’ve used this, you would know it shows a green check and “Enjoy $5 off your ride” once you enter the code. Well, I waited, what was supposed to be “5min” but kept changing and extending, because this Winson Tong Kar San took God knows what kinda route from Kallang to Ubi.

After boarding the cab for about 5min, or when we found ourselves in KPE, this a*hole started a conversation with me asking if I’d gotten the sms for the promo. I told him as a matter-of-fact-ly I didn’t. Then he said “oh then I would have to charge you full fare” and I said he couldn’t because it showed on my app that I’ve entered the code. He goes on saying that this was “instructed by his company” and “will give me a CHOICE – either i pay full fare or he drops me off”, raising his voice at me this whole time. I replied, “in the middle of KPE?? and after me waiting so long for you? couldn’t you have asked me this the moment I boarded? what kind of choice is this?”.

So, in midst of us arguing over this, he got us out of KPE AND STOPPED BY THE SIDE OF GEYLANG, telling me to get off. I refused and said I would call the police if he dropped me off there (Note: for those of you who don’t know the gravity of the matter, Geylang is NOT the place for a girl to be by the side of the road esp at those hours). He just continued shouting at me so I dialled for the police. I believe the person who picked my call up recorded his shouts in the background as I was making this report. At this point, he gets off his car SHOUTING PROFANITIES and walked to my passenger door, flinging it open. I was pretty sure if I wasn’t on the phone with the Police, he would have dragged me out (body language is a big tell).

While waiting for the Police to arrive, he went on hurling more insults and threats in both English and Hokkien such as calling me names (obscenities and not), insinuating I didn’t have money to pay and claiming he isn’t scared of me and would “play” with me because he’s got time. Also, he let slipped that HE’D SEEN THE PROMO CODE WAS ENTERED. Most of these I recorded on my phone.

Lo and behold, when the Police came, this a*hole cuts in front of me, acted all meek and good citizen, claiming to them he’d told me nicely to get off because I COULDN’T PROVE I’D THE PROMO SMS but I refused. Thankfully I’d recorded how and what he was yelling at me and not look like a total bitch, trying to turn the tables. To be honest, I was actually amused at how different he acted in mere seconds and regretted not video-ing the WHOLE incident. To top it off, he actually thanked the Police profusely when the matter was “concluded” at that spot. *rolls eyes* Talk about “bullying the weak”, or trying to.

I’ve been calling GrabTaxi’s hotline wanting to lodge a complaint about this guy’s attitude and how he’s repeatedly COMPROMISED MY SAFETY. Guess what? Nobody ever picks up the call. This is no wonder why this a*hole isn’t worried about being rude to his passengers. I’d written a “very bad” experience review for him and an email was sent to me claiming a customer service officer will get in touch with me, but, nope.

IMO, if GrabTaxi cannot handle the volume it’s generating with a promo IN LINE WITH SG’S BIG CELEBRATION, jamming its systems and causing such technical glitches which result in the inconveniences to both its passengers and drivers, then don’t even try.

Adeline A. Lok
A.S.S. Reader

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