A 23 year-old was apparently so distraught after meeting her online boyfriend in person – and discovering that he was ugly – that she tried to kill herself multiple times on yesterday night in a hotel in Heilongjiang province, China.

The incident took place on the 7th floor of a hotel in Mudanjiang city. Police arrived to find the agitated and crazed woman running to the balcony and perched with one leg over the rails, shouting “You cheated me!” at her former online boyfriend.

After police separated the two former lovers and tried to calm them down individually, the woman suddenly grabbed a large handful of sleeping pills and swallowed them. She then tried to pick up a piece of broken glass to slit her risks. Police immediately stopped her and called for an ambulance to convey her to hospital for treatment.

According to the woman’s mother, her daughter fro Jilin province, had come to Heilongjiang to meet with her online boyfriend for the first time. The family of the woman had disapproved because she was 10 years younger than the boyfriend but the the woman had insisted on going ahead with the relationship. She finally met with her online lover yesterday, but was aghast that he looked so different from his web pictures.

The woman isn’t in life-threatening condition, but she did manage to swallow pieces of broken glass in her rage and will need to remain in the hospital for further observation.

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