As a true-blue Singaporean who was born, received 100% education and through almost a decade of my local working experience, I had witnessed how with relative ease & with Govt. financial & material support, foreigners had managed to secure coveted scholarships & university places here, swiftly gained employment & carved out what would consider to be dream careers for most Singaporeans.

Even foreigners with no degrees had been given the benefits of doubt by our relaxed immigration policies when they applied for status upgrades to Permanent Resident & eventual Citizenship between the years 1997 – 2012. Thus the number of new citizens here in Singapore are in the hundreds of thousands within this 15-year period.

The benefits which these foreigners have enjoyed despite not serving NS, not possessing good knowledge of our nation’s heritage, history, multi-faceted culture, laws, had led me into thinking that true-blue, intelligent Singaporeans who had worked hard, served NS with constant vigilance & unwavering spirit (maintaining good physical fitness throughout reservist cycles) yet couldn’t achieve what those talentless foreign PMETs here had gotten from our country…. were undoubtedly
betrayed by the ruling party.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, the process of marginalising native Singaporeans will take place once GE2015 is over & People’s Action Party is voted into Parliament with > 50% of total valid votes counted.

Do we want to allow fellow Singaporeans to be relegated to 3rd, 4th-class citizens???? Do we intend PAP to sweep us into Oblivion and beyond redemption????
Singaporeans, what is your One-And-Only Choice in this GE2015?

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