Shortly after the fatal accident which saw a young mother being “swallowed” up by a revolving escalator in a PRC mall, another report of a chilling incident involving escalators in Guangxi Province has emerged.

According to local media reports, a 1 year-old toddler had gotten his left arm trapped in the grooves of an escalator at a mall. He was riding the escalator with his mother when the incident took place on Monday at about 10AM.

A distress call was sent out and local rescue workers were dispatched to the scene. They found the boy crying in excruciating pain and his mother in shock and a state of panic.

Rescue workers used hydraulic equipment to pry open the escalator steps and freed the boy within 5 minutes. However, according to eye witnesses, the boy’s left arm was “basically destroyed”.

Local PRC authorities are investigating the case.

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