In a media interview today (28 Jul), NCMP Lina Chiam said that she will continue to stand for election in Potong Pasir SMC and that her party “will not budge” even if there’s a 3-cornered fight.

“The SPP will not budge and I’ll still be standing in Potong Pasir even if it’s a three-cornered fight. Because I promised the people of Potong Pasir that I’ll return and I shall return,” Mrs Chiam said.

“I’ll be continuing to do what is needed for the residents of Potong Pasir regarding feedback, whatever improvements that they want to that still needed to be done. I’ll be continuing to do the work that was left by Mr Chiam.”

Mrs Chiam lost to PAP MP Sitoh Yih Pin by just 114 votes in 2011.

Financial counsellor Leong Sze Hian told TRE that Mrs Chiam has been attending to residents every week even though she isn’t their elected MP. Mr Leong himself is helping Mrs Chiam in Potong Pasir by giving free financial counselling to the residents.

“I’ve been helping Mrs Chiam for a few years already. She herself has also made it a point to meet the residents every week even though she is not their MP,” Mr Leong told TRE earlier in response to NTUC Chief Chan Chun Sing’s recent remark about opposition politicians contesting in elections not for the sake of residents but for the sake of winning (‘Chan to oppo parties: Your heart must be pure‘).

“In fact, we see residents from all over Singapore. We don’t turn them away just because they are not from Potong Pasir,” Mr Leong added.

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