Dear ASS,

I am a keen reader of your interesting articles and past few days, you published articles calling for all Opposition parties to give way to the Workers Party. This is hoping to pave the way for a big Opposition win next general election and since WP is the biggest and most organised party, they should be given top priority. 

I agree that in our political desert, with WP riding on their famous GE2011 victories, all other Opposition parties should step aside and give way. This is the most simple and and efficient way but is it the best way of treating your fellow Opposition colleagues? 

I understand if Opposition parties like the fly by night DPP should step aside because they only appear everytime elections come and they have frankly done nothing the past 4 years to help residents. They did not pound the pavements to gain the support of the residents. All these are hard work which some Opposition parties other than the WP have done too

So how about those parties who worked hard the past 4 years to gain the resident's trust? Now with WP laying early claim on Marine Parade GRC which was contested by NSP in GE2011, things are complicated. Since NSP's narrow defeat (43.35%), wthey have gone on the ground to connect with the residents hoping for the opportunity to represent them in parliament. These past 4 years, a significant amount of blood and sweat has been put in and to ask of someone else to throw their efforts down the drain, it is quite unfair. Shouldn't there be a gentlemen's agreement in place to prevent such infighting? 

I hope the Opposition parties can come to a consensus and not cannibalise on other committed and hardworking Opposition while still maximising our chances of victory. The Workers Party is our biggest hope but I hope other committed parties can also be given a chance especially in places where they have worked the ground tirelessly. The space for growth is confirm big enough for more than one good Opposition party. 

Ivy Yeo

A.S.S. Contributor

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