Dear all,

Never use the social media Facebook as a platform to reach us. Facebook is now controlled by PAP. I don’t know whether Facebook has divided its server into several regions all over the world like what Google or Yahoo did. If that is the case, then we are in trouble. Facebook is popular but it is losing its independence. Zuck faced has betrayed all of us when he put our Facebook server here.

PAP has been able to weed out quite a few FB accounts in the name of real identity. The fact is there is this PAP IB leader by the name of “Daniel Ng” that has no profile (invisible). Now, is he ‘the fakest’ amongst the fake? PAP is in control of this popular media with the help of many PAP IBs by zapping you with complaints. The complaints aren’t valid if you check with many victims reporting the dubiousness of those charges brought against them when they were around for ages (old FB users). One was blocked just because he was too vocal against the Obama administration.

Do you think we should reveal our identity when Amos Yee was dragged out and being flogged by this evil regime? I don’t think so. As long as the server is controlled by the evil regime here, we won’t be able to use it effectively. Even the age old Sammyboy forum did not have FB buttons (only Twitter). Zuck faced said that he believed in freedom. Well, to hell with his lie!!

A.S.S. Contributor

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