A three-month-old baby was left blind in one eye after a family friend took a close-up photograph but forgot to turn off the camera’s flash.

The unidentified baby boy suffered irreparable damage from the camera’s flash, which was held about 10 inches away from his face, doctors said.

The baby’s parents noticed that there was something wrong with his vision soon after the picture was taken

After the incident, the baby suffered from blindness in his right eye and reduced vision in his left eye, according to the doctors who examined him.

The damage was diagnosed as permanent and doctors say that it cannot be fixed with surgery.

The strong flash damaged cells in the boy’s macula — the part of the eye in which incoming light rays are focused. Such damages can lead to the loss of central vision, which enables people to see directly ahead.

In humans, the macula is not fully developed until the age of four, which makes youngsters very sensitive to strong light.

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