They had permit, for period between 1x Nov 2014 to 1x Dec 2014. That is the only HDB reno permit that I ever saw outside their unit. From then until now, many things happened, like they complained my toilet leaked, got to get my own contractor to settle. It was around May that still not settled. I asked my contractor if he knew why their work dragged so long, he said that guy told him something like their contractor kena accident, blah blah blah.

Even until today, every day, there are sawing, knocking, drillings from that unit. Last I saw, their aircon not up yet. The sound, sometimes, are really annoying. There was twice, both occasions on Saturday, they did some heavy drilling, that lasted more than half an hour non-stop. We had to call and ask TC for help. TC also told us not to confront them ourselves. TC sent people down, and drilling stop not long after that. Many times, their work will start after lunch hour.

It seems to me that, the contractor, due to the delay and bohbian have to complete the work, does not want to commit too much resources, so just send people here do that work bit by bit.It is, really annoying, disturbing to us sometimes that we have to working from home, or when we have toddler at home want to have afternoon nap but cannot due to the noise.

What will you do?

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