Hi everyone,

I went visit my relative just now for dinner. So this was what I was told. My cousin’s father (55) got liver disease and had to be admitted into hospital earlier this year. thankfully they got medishield and bought private insurance to cover the remainder (Rider plan)

what happen was, my uncle’s liver cannot function well, so his on a special diet + drugs to try and let the liver cope. His other option is a liver transplant. Now this was what got me confused. My aunty and cousin told me, now my uncle is ‘stable’, in the event his liver flares up again, let’s say 3-4 years down the road, they will need to sell their house and use the cash to pay for his medical because their current insurance won’t cover for the liver again.

according to them, their insurance will still cover any new illness, but because his liver was already claimed once, if years down the road anything happen again to the liver, my uncle won’t be able to clam again. Now they are trying to find another insurance company to see if they can buy health insurance that will cover my uncle’s liver.

Family is not rich, uncle drives taxi, aunty works retail. my cousin regular, sign on after diploma. their worry is years down the road, if anything happens to my uncle with his liver, they might be financially in a tight spot.

anyone got experience this kinda thing ? I thought medishield will cover again + rider so if next time got issue can just claim again. i think they might be misinformed leh.

A.S.S. Reader

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