Dear Editors,

My earnest plea to the other Opposition parties. Please leave the WP alone to take down the PAP in these 5 GRCs and 5 SMCs. At least be gracious like the SDP, who decided to pull out of PE by-election the last time. I salute the SDP for its gallantry and genuine concern for the greater good of Singapore.

Please understand that the one single objective that must unite all opposition parties is to take down the PAP, because of the many ills that it has inflicted upon ordinary “plebeian” Singaporeans.

I understand that each party has its own ideals and philosophies and a burning genuine desire to get a proper channel to speak out on our behalf in Parliament. However, every party must, at this point in time, recognise the bigger picture. This is no time to have any multi-cornered fight : such will only benefit the PAP and defeat the very purpose of the mission.

Please please, all the party leaders, get together and have an orchestrated plan to defeat the enemy !! If they, the smaller fishes work in coordinated manner, we can defeat the great white shark. If they chase and fight each other, everyone will be eaten in no time.

Please out side personal pride, ambition, ego and any ulterior motives (this last bit I hope not).

Lastly : if each opp party truly believes it has what is best for the people, then no matter which constituency it takes up, it should have the confidence to win the residents over. Even if you lose to the sharks in those constituencies, all Singaporeans will respect and pay tribute to you.

But if anyone of these oppos are narrow-minded and too arrogant and insist on going ahead with a multi-cornered fight, only the great whites will benefit. And you will be remembered as fools and idiots who thoroughly disappoint the people.

Please give a thumb up to support this proposal.

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