Let’s try to objectively understand the situation. 40% of people are unhappy with the current government due to certain policy that put them at a disadvantage. Some very concerning issues would be things like ;

1) High cost of HDB flats (i would say resale)
2) lack of job opportunity and progression
3) Stress level
4) Cost of food and basic needs
5) break down in public transport

By default, the white party are the ones controlling the government, hence all matter of faults would be their fault (who else can we blame really). But let’s also see what the opposition has done over the last 5 years. We all agree they don’t have the ‘experience’ since they have few seats to really make change, but they could show the country how they manage their own business. Some things that stood out;

1) their town council issue. mismanagement of funds.
2) thinking they can do things ‘their own way’ by getting their own people to run things without tender
3) lack of more vocal voice in parliament
4) lack of on the ground initiatives to support their promises from GE2011

Objectively, both sides have faults, both sides have ‘screwed up’. WP on the ‘regional level’, PAP on the ‘national level’.

So what am I saying ?

Well, votes are won in the market place. A packet of nasi lemak and a free bus ride to Gardens by the Bay = win vote liao. don’t need care about all this crap. So if you are a whitey, treat elderly to all this jhj items, tell them is PAP give huan. Tell the middle generation, if they don’t vote for PAP, their CPF money dunno what will happen. Spread fear in them. They sure vote for PAP. Tell the young adults if they don’t vote PAP, next time cannot get BTO riao. Cannot find decent jobs riao. FTs all take over.

PAP will win yo !

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