She is still coming to terms with the death of her teenage granddaughter, who had committed suicide over two Bs in her O levels. Then three months after the 16-year-old plunged to her death, Madam Ng Siang Mui’s grief- and guilt-struck daughter, who was the teen’s mother, also killed herself.

The tragic double deaths has left her son-in-law, the teen’s father, mentally unstable. In an interview with The New Paper, Madam Ng, 71, shared the devastation and anguish of the triple tragedy that began in January this year. She was reluctant to speak at first, noting that the death had torn the family apart.

Madam Ng initially said: “Talking to you now is useless. My daughter is dead. My granddaughter is dead.” She changed her mind later because she hoped that sharing their story could help highlight early intervention and save more lives. Madam Ng said that in January, just three hours after getting her results slip, her granddaughter jumped to her death. Except for two Bs – in English and Mathematics – the student had scored distinctions for her other subjects.

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