A lot of my Malaysian staff is so envious of us. They look at the current 1MDB scandal and they shake their heads. They said how nice if LKY was their Prime Minister instead of all these clowns. You think the PAP government never tried to cheat us too?! That’s where they are all wrong!! Here are the real life examples how PAP has been promoting a cheating culture:
1. The now infamous YANG YIN
This Chinese SOB who tried to cheat an old widow of $40 million is a Singaporean PR. His PR application was even supported by a Member of Parliament!! The government is so paranoid about losing support from us locally born Singaporeans that they have been converting citizens “fast and furious” style!! How many KTV hostesses and masseurs are Singapore PR?! These people also add value to our economy?! All I know is they are home wreckers!! More importantly, we are seeing more PRs committing crimes!!
2. The “fake” entrepreneurial awards
Recently, the Singapore Enrich Group made headlines  all for the wrong reasons. This is the first time I hear people “PAYING” to get the awards!! Yet, such "kelong" events are attended by PAP’s MP!! Though the MPs are crying innocence over these award ceremonies, our “Merlion” logo is even on these awards!! How do you explain this?! This is a clear endorsement of a Company that is CHEATING!!
3. Long-standing civil servants in DEGREE MILLS
Public service medal recipients Lim Yeow Khee (PPM) and Wong Weng Kee David (BBM) were found to be directors of Kings International Business School. This school is now infamous for being one of the many degree mills operating in Singapore. Another clear evidence of condoning a cheating culture since the directors have not been called in for investigation and no formal charge has been made. The story on degree mill only surfaced after it was found out that IDA hired staff with “fake” degree. Of course in view of the coming election, MOM has now reversed their stance and say “fake” degree is not acceptable. A case of “it’s too late to apologise . . . it’s too late!!”
4. A money laundering HAVEN for many?
We have been long rumoured to be a money laundering centre for many foreigners. This is especially so after the two casinos have been built. The fact that investigation about 1MDB also involved us clearly shows there may be some truth here. Why then do we allow dirty politicians who have cheated their citizens to park their monies here?! Is it because birds of a feather flock together?!
The reason why PAP has not “stolen” our money is because they have “outright” taken it from us. Our PM and his ministers are currently the best paid politicians in the entire world!! That’s why they do not have to do what Najib did and transfer money into their own accounts!! They have “legitimized” the way of getting rich in politics!!
The President of the most populous country in the world says it best, “想发财就不要当官,想当官就不要发财”Loosely translated it means – if you want to be rich, do not work for the government . . if you want to work for the government , then don’t ever dream about becoming rich!!” But our PAP MPs have the best in both worlds!! This is one job that ALL politicians round the world will kill for!!
Being a MP should be a calling. You need to truly want to serve the people!! And before you can serve the people properly, you need to know what are the problems the people are facing. For instance, PAP’s newest candidate – Chong Kee Hiong. This guy drives a Bentley for god sake. You think he understands the problem faced by ordinary citizens like us who cannot even afford to buy a Honda Fit?!
The current 1MDB saga is a huge reminder to all of us!! I can understand the rationale why Najib transferred the money before the election. It was supposed to be a watershed election back then. So, even if he loses the election, he will have enough money for his retirement. But, who is at fault here?! I do not blame him. I blame the voters for voting for him to stay on!!
This is why he is now shameless enough to claim that he is a “democratically elected” PM and all these are political moves to oust him out. Remember, this is a guy who has never denied that the money is in his account!! He only keep insisting that the money is not for his personal use!!
Will our PM do a “NAJIB” too?! After all, this is also a watershed election. Personally I don’t think so. But, for a party that has ABSOLUTE political power in the last fifty years, it is perhaps time to retire them? I mean we already know, “Power corrupts.  . . Absolute power corrupts absolutely!” So why do we want to risk another Najib?!
In the first place, PAP should not remain in power. If Singapore was an American company, the management would have been fired during the last election. Yet, being the kind souls that we are, we gave in to the PM’s tears and let them stayed on.
What has happened since then? We continued to be played for the last five years!! There are more foreign workers here than ever before!! Our public transport system has become increasingly unpredictable and unreliable!! These are just the tip of an iceberg!!
War is upon us now!! I beg that all Singaporeans will wake up from their slumber!! Whether you want to continue to be PAP’s slave or become the true masters of Singapore, only YOU can decide!!
Prof MC – Secretary General of the "Anything But PAP" party

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