Dear ASS,

I’m an optimistic rather than a pessimistic, in order for our country to improved socially, politically and democratically, we must give others the chance to govern, if we are still sticking with PAP despite so many problems then we would never solve anything, who knows the oppositions could do a better job, even PAP was an oppositions once.

Different parties have different abilities and different things to offer, how I wish Singaporeans were like Australians and are daring to change the political parties in their countries every 5 years because a political party that have been governing too long are like soiled diaper, full of shitsss and becomes stagnant.

The first step to improve our country is by being brave enough for change and give others the chance to govern. Sure with changes there would be risks but without changes there wouldn’t be improvement either because PAP has reached its full potential and they can’t deliver anything more than what they’re offering currently and this is why a lot of issues and problems are surfacing, not to mention their lacklustre policies or should I say running out of ideas to bring up the gdp by overcrowding us with immigrants.

A change(good change) could only happen if you and me are brave enough for it and willing to take the risks.

Muhd Firdaus
A.S.S. Contributor

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