After a classmate accidentally knocked into a student on Tuesday (21st July), the aggrieved mother of the student decided to go hunting for the culprit to teach him a lesson.

The student is reportedly studying in a school at Bishan.

According to eye witnesses, when the mother of the student learnt about the accidental knocking, she flew into a rage and slapped a boy – whom she thought was responsible – in front of his classmates.

When that boy turned out to be the wrong person, she went hunting for the real culprit and slapped that other boy as well.

The enraged mother then told the boys: “This is how it feels like to be slapped.”

Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported that the school had arranged for the parents of all 3 boys to meet on Friday and that the woman has apologized for her actions.

But the parents of the two boys who were slapped made a police report later that day as they felt the apology was insincere and that the woman’s story did not match-up with other details of the incident.

Police confirmed that a police report had been made.

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