Dear editor,

I refer to the Straits Times article, "Rising tension over aid for Malays in Singapore" dated Jul 26, 2015. The article reports on some comments made by the late Malaysian prime minister Tun Abdul Razak who blamed the Singapore PAP government for obstructing the Malaysian Central government from giving rural aid to the Malays residing in Singapore island in the 1970s. Singapore had been a federal state in the Federation of Malaysia once, but left after 1965.

I am puzzled as to why the Straits Times is publishing this piece, which reports on something that happened so many years ago. Reading the wording of the title, I cannot help but feel that the Straits Times is being mischievous and trying to instigate or stir racial tensions for the sake of readership and popularity.

At this point in Singapore's history, we the Malay community have long moved beyond our ties to Malaysia and have stood by Singapore unwaveringly for the past 50 years. We served our National Service, contributed our part to the economy, population and Singapore identity. Singapore is our Home, but does our Home appreciate our contributions?

Why does the Straits Times see it fit to foster a sense of mistrust against our community by publishing such a reckless and sensational article, without any explanation or reason?

I have attached the article below.


Mohd. Raheem

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