Dear All Singapore Stuff,

The EBRC report came out and all our Opposition parties have one way or another hoot the Govt for redrawing boundaries for their own benefit. The PAP should stop pulling such stunts and start showing some guts as an incumbent government.

The PAP is so big and powerful, what is the harm in losing some seats to the Opposition? Since the people want some alternative voice, the PAP should grant the people of Singapore their wish. They should make it a level playing field and let the Opposition have a very fair and possible chance to win.

If the PAP keep putting in 100% effort to win the elections, the Opposition party sure have a much lower chance of winning. Since PAP promised the people of Singapore they will change Singapore for the better and the people have spoken that we want a mature true democracy. By this logic, shouldn’t the PAP give Singaporeans what we want and play nice?

This way, Singaporeans get their alternative voice and we will move one step closer to becoming a real democracy. PAP if you have any sincerity, this is your chance to show it. Prove to Singaporeans that you keep your promises to us and let in some Opposition voices. If PAP do this, Singaporeans will know that they listen to the people and that our Singapore conversation truly works and is not just wayang show.

Ah Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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