Dear A.S.S.,

It has been an established fact that often Constituencies that is won by the Opposition Parties faces the brunt of anger from the ruling political party and until the next general elections the particular Ward will be neglected and its existence forgotten.

A LRT Station in the Punggol East Ward ceiling lights are plagued with cobwebs and despite repeated calls to the various agencies no cleaning of the cobwebs done. There were occasions when commuters or people patronising the kiosk had to look above their heads for fear of cobwebs landing on them.

To add insult to mockery NEL who manages the LRT Station put up SG50 Banners to elebrate our coming Golden Jubilee and it has become an eyesore and nothing to pride about. In penalising the Opposition ward the Ruling Party has failed to acknowledge that not all residents there voted for the Opposition Party so it is gross injustice to punish those whose votes for the Ruling Party.

Using votes as a blackmail will not work in regaining back the lost trust and confidence in the Ruling Party. To win back lost votes please don’t use politics as their weapon as it will suerly backfire especially in this age and time.

Punggol East Resident

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