Speaking to the mainstream media outside its HQ, The National Solidarity Party or NSP expressed its disappointment with the lack of transparency over the Election’s Department’s EBRC report.

Acting secretary-general Hazel Poa said that although the redrawing of electoral boundaries did affect the party’s areas of interest much, it was still too early to determine candidates to stand for election.

NSP stated: “The absence of clear-cut and objective criteria for any change to electoral boundaries from one GE to the next bodes ill for building trust between Singaporeans and the Government.”

NSP also suggested that there was no reasonable explanation as to why Moulmein-Kallang GRC had to be carved up, nor was there any need for Joo Chiat SMC and Whampoa SMC to be lumped into other GRCs.

The party questioned if the EBRC had access to detailed voting results from the last GE whether such information had been “used in any way” in the EBRC’s deliberations on electoral boundaries.

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