A brave netizen has done what most of us have been secretly wanting to do, but did not find the courage to do so.

He has lodged a report with the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) over the “highly suspicious activities” at the People’s Association (PA), National Parks (NParks) so that CPIB can commence investigations into staff at both of the stat boards to hold them accountable for all irregularities disclosed by the Auditor General’s Office Report 2015.

According to the anonymous netizen, he noted that in the AGO report found that some transactions by the two stat boards were not carried out at arm’s length and “effectively” became “hidden subsidies for related parties, as they were either charged below market rate or not charged at all”.

As such, he formally requested for CPIB to look into the case of the PA’s former CCC Chairman, Mr Tonic Oh, who had approved his own claims while he served as CCC Chairman for Admiralty, and the case of NParks awarding “over $20 million of contracts through a waiver of competition without compelling reasons”.

These suspicious activities were reported widely by the mainstream media. However, these new outlets have downplayed the seriousness of the lapses and have usually emphasized that measures have already been put in place to prevent such lapses from taking place again.

The netizen is awaiting a reply from CPIB.

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