I came across this note in my neighbourhood.. I think I know who the car belongs to. It belongs to 1 of my neighbour downstairs. That auntie and her family are always very friendly.. whenever my mum needs curry leaves to cook curry, we will go downstairs and ask if we could pluck some from her plant. She always say yes its OK. She is always friendly too..

I think that if her note is being spread online, the chances of finding the culprit would be bigger. I really do hope to help her. Please do help this lady.. thank you..

Anonymous A.S.S. reader

Full notice here:

Hi my neighbours & friends, passer-by and people who are reading this note.

My mum and I are now seeking help from everyone in the neighbourhood to come forward and tell us or report to police if you saw any suspicious activities near/on our car.

Our car had been scratched 3 times this month, at the multi-storey carpark BLK 462A, just opposite BLK 465, the one with mini-mart at the ground level. We had already repainted the car 2 times. Each time, the scratch gets more and deeper. Police had been called in and they had also deduce that those scratches are being made onto the car purposely and intentionally.This had not happened before for the past 5 years that we had been living here in BLK 465 AVE 4. And we really could not think of anyone who would possibly do this to our car.

If you had seen the culprit scratching our car, or any suspicious activities near our car, we would really appreciate your help in catching them/contacting us. Much thanks in advance! 🙂

Car’s Details
Colour: Red
Type; Proton
Car Plate Number SJT9600K
Contact Number: +65 8159 2340

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