UPDATE: Burger King has issued a swift response to Mandy’s complaint on our website. See below for their full response.

Dear Editor of All Singapore Stuff

I refer to the article posted today titled “Burger King at Esplanade selling mouldy croissanwich to customers” and would like to request for you to kindly post our response on this matter :

“Burger King takes a serious view on this feedback with regards to our product. We had launched an investigation into this matter and taken the relevant actions immediately upon receiving the feedback.

We had contacted the customer on 23 July and had resolved the matter since.

Burger King Singapore

Original post from our reader:

Dear all,

At about 10:30 this morning, my colleague bought this croissan’wich from Esplanade exchange #burgerkingsingapore. It was mouldy.

When she approached the counter, there was another angry lady infront, discussing this same situation with the counter staff.

Counter staff told her that this is due to the wrapper, and mentioned that it has not expired referring to the packaging. Regardless, shouldn’t the kitchen staff had seen the moudly parts with their eyes? It is very obvious!

Mandy Wu

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