Dear PAP MP Lee Bee Wah,

States Times Review (STR) is an independent and neutral site that reports without fear or favour. Unfortunately, a recent article has caught your attention that made you attacked the site’s integrity. STR is a responsible media which prides itself above the Singapore Press Holdings, and the editor myself is very particular about credibility. Allegations of misreporting, especially coming from a Member of Parliament, is very damaging to the site.

Therefore, States Times Review (STR) officially apologise for any distress the recent article has caused you. The reports have been factual and not a political smear. STR have every faith in the integrity and incorruptibility of our PAP MPs especially for the hardworking ones like yourself. It will do STR no service to spread lies and falsehoods, and this is not the purpose why I set up this site for.

Henceforth, STR would like to clear your name in this article, by simply asking some questions to better clarify any misunderstandings and dispel falsehoods spreading on the internet:

1) You said you tendered for Khatib Court in 2013 but sold off your company only in January 2014, meaning you won the tender while you were both the MP and owner of the company in 2013. How does that not constitute conflict of interests?

Screenshot from Facebook

Screenshot from Facebook

2) You said you sold off your company to Meinhardt International, but the company lists you as a Joint Managing Director. How does that not constitute conflict of interests?

Screenshot from Meinhardt

Screenshot from Meinhardt

3) The Government Parliamentary Committee for National Development and Environment is created to examine policies, programmes and proposed legislation of the Ministry of National Development (MND), and you are the Chairman of this committee. Henceforth, would your role as a leadership figure in the MND not constitute a conflict of interest especially when the HDB is a statutory board under the MND?

Screenshot from PAP website

Screenshot from PAP website

4) You are the MP-in-charge of Khatib in Yishun, and Meinhardt International has used a subsidiary containing your initials, LBW, to bid for public housing projects in your area. Did you raise this concern to Meinhardt International or the HDB? If no, why?

5) Meinhardt International makes profits from these government projects. Has your role as a Joint Managing Director benefited in monetary terms directly or indirectly from these profits? Who pays your director fees and how much?

Please be reminded the questions above are not about whether if you have served your constituents full-time. This will help Singaporeans, and especially your voters in Khatib, clarify and communicate your position better.

Feel free to let me know how can States Times Review help you and I will offer my fullest cooperation.

Best Regards,
States Times Review

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