38 year-old Singaporean Sun Hongli could face the death penalty in the United States if convicted with murder. He was charged in court on Tuesday with running over a man whom he suspected of having an affair with his wife, and then stabbing him to death.

The dentist, 54 year-old Liu Xuan, had gotten to know Sun’s wife and hired her to work at his dental practice in Irvine city, California, last year.

Sun, who is an engineer, and his wife had initially been separated and begun divorce proceedings at that time. However, the couple changed their minds and got back together.

Last Saturday, Sun waited at a car park in his Mercedes-Benz SUV, then knocked Liu down when he turned up.

Liu survived, and tried to get up, but Sun got out of his car and stabbed him. Liu was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Sun also stabbed a female associate of Liu’s who attempted to intervene, but she is expected to survive her injuries.

Sun and his wife were married in Singapore 12 years ago and have an 8-year-old son.

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