Turkish-based hacker group “Ayyildiz Tim” hacked local car dealer Eurokars Group’s Mazda website yesterday, raising fears that details of members and users of the website have been comprosied.

Eurokars has defended the security of its customer data collected via the website.

The defaced website, spotted as early as 9am Thursday morning, carried the hacker group’s logo and the message: “Injustice, Oppression and War with all our might…Freedom for All Muslims.” It was taken down at around 10.30am, replaced by the “Service Temporarily Unavailable” message. By around 11.15am, the website was up again.

When contacted, a Mazda spokesman confirmed that the site was attacked, but said the car dealer was still investigating the incident. A police report has been made.

The website allows car owners to make service appointments by entering personal details such as name and NRIC, car and contact numbers. It is not known if customer details were compromised.

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