Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I want to tell Singaporean and the world how UOB and my sister spoil my life. Few years ago, I made mistake of selling my flat. Then I went to USA. Anyway, to keep story short , I had last 20k in FD in UOB for 6 months before I left. Also I stupidly have my sister 2k cash in an ATM card of chase bank. It was for cost of errands on my behalf, like purchase and mail me some stuff when I need it.

Almost to the 6 months, my sister asked me for loan to fix the flat she bought. I told her not now, I don’t have it as a fact, may be in months ahead. And I was thinking of my FD maturity. I also making plans to end my marriage and find independence in another state. I will have no problem if I have my money. Then few weeks before maturity, I called UOB to have my money put into my savings account. But they insisted I have made a loan of 15k. After miserable calls I found out that UOB sent out a cheque of 15k to offer as a loan in the mail without my permission or knowledge. My sister who is appointed to look into my mails was very happy thinking I had agreed to lend her and had instructed the bank and she bank into my ATM and used for her needs.

So my plan collapsed, I cried non stop, and she return it but it had broken I to pieces and I stayed on the miserable marriage until i got totally broke. I still end with divorced.

Now I am in California again, broke. I cannot get 2k loan to get a car from anyone in this world. I would have got to school and got a car if I had my 20k untouched. UOB is never feel any guilty for letting my money out in a stupid cheque. MAS also sided with UOB for letting them send loan cheque without permission. I will be never forgive them.

And my sister is also a selfish idiot. She is selfish without knowing. And I gone though so much shame when I ask her for my money. Anyway it broke into pieces just like my good plan for success and independence.

I hate UOB and MAS forever.

Ms Berries
A.S.S. Contributor

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