Dozens of bare-chested Spartan warriors marched through Beijing’s streets yesterday, drawing swarms of admirers, picture-takers – and a swift and angry response from Beijing police officers who arrested the entire lot.

According to PRC media, a local salad restaurant had thought of using the topless male models in a marketing stunt to boost its business. Decked out in attires similar to those worn by Hollywood actors in the blockbuster movie “300”, the bare chested Russian models marched through the streets of the posh Sanlitun shopping area, much to the delight of female – and some male – shoppers who went on a photo and selfie spree.

Photos posted online showed the men standing in formation in the posh Sanlitun shopping area; ironically netizens began uploading pictures of the men being arrested by Beijing police, with one picture showing 2 of the pictures apparently taken soon afterwards showed two of the models lying face down on a pedestrian flyover, having been wrestled to the ground by PRC police.

The Beijing Youth Daily newspaper said that police detained the models for “causing a public disturbance” after they failed to heed several warnings to disperse. The restaurant, Sweetie Salad, had not secured a permit to organize the event.

None of the models could immediately be reached for comment.

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