In the latest twist to the saga of the viral video showing an elderly Malay woman being abused by her daughter outside their Lower Delta Road flat, a neighbor who told news reporters that he had kindly lent the family $5,000 to repay their debts has been arrested. In a shocking revelation, he also revealed that the daughter had forced her mother to eat human faeces and drink urine everyday for a long time.

39 year-old Darwinder Singh, who had contributed photos of the abuse to news media, stands accused of abetting his next door neighbor, 25 year-old Siti Nur Redha Khamas, in feeding her mother 58 year-old Kamisah Burel with human faeces and urine.

Police have remanded Darwinder for a week to conduct raids and help with investigations into other possible offences, which have been taking place in that household over a long time.

Addressing the court, Singh said that he had asked Ms Siti to feed her mother faeces only once, but she went on to do it everyday.

Denying all culpability for the horrendous act, he maintained that Ms Siti had been out of work for eight months and that he had tried to support her as best he could.

“I pawned my jewellery. I sold my handphone and laptop for her. She’s accused me of a lot of things.”

He added that his mother, Madam Asha, had nobody to depend on but him, and that they both had medical conditions.

Singh had earlier furnished The New Paper with photos that he claimed to have secretly snapped of the alleged abuse. The photos seemed to show Madam Kamisah being beaten with brooms, having her hair pulled, and stepped on.

The alleged abuse made waves online after another neighbour, Mr Mohammad Juani, 25, posted a video on Facebook of Madam Kamisah being slapped outside her flat by Ms Siti.

Singh will next appear in court next Friday ( July 31).

If convicted, he faces up to seven years in jail, a fine, caning, or any combination of the above.

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