hi allsingaporestuff,

everytime i quarrel with my boyfriend, i cant help but feel sometimes our r/s is same as the one singaporeans have wit our elected politicians.

during courtship time, the man will do so many sweet things to make you attracted to him, but you flowers, plan nice dates, plan interesting activities to do. same for our politicians, come election time, they will announce the freebies and goodies and say the nice sweet things we citizens wish to hear.

once you stead with the guy, this is the hard truth liao. the boyfriend will no longer plan dates, will always say tired. only when he want intimate s*x he will do some nice things to entice us girls. after he do his deed and exhaust all his energy, he fall asleep on the bed, heck care the girl.

same the politicians, once we voters vote them into parliament, they all heck care already and just go to sleep. you see PAP introduce all those CB policies, make singaporeans life very tough, want to make 10 million population somemore. only now near election, they start to give pioneer generation card, help this help that wayang wayang.

you see WP, vote them in since they promise to be voice but end up they silence as lambs. when need to speak up help fellow citizens like amos yee and roy ngerng, wp dare not say a single word of support. so no balls to speak up for marginal singaporean, vote them just like voting pap.

now we have Singfirst, SDP and RP say all the benefits pls pls vote them in parliament, dono can trust or not, or they are just like the typical lazy guy, once get us in bed, they will use and fall asleep?

and still have those other parties like NSP, PPP, SPP, SDA, DPP and PKMS, are they like those guys you meet when go clubbing, with the dark dark disco light all look quite yandao but later next morning wake up you see a ghost beside you.

aiya… everytime think of relationship stuff, i v sad for singaporeans… we citizens like get make use of by these politicians, once get our vote they chuck us 1 side and do what they like… very pek cek dono who to trust besides our ownself lor… emo..

juleezzz xiaobunnyz
A.S.S. Contributor

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