Dear NTUC FairPrice, I would like to bring your attention to this product that I just purchased from your FairPrice supermarket today.

I was about to use it when my wife read the label, and commented – “What Alcohol Free? There’s alcohol in the ingredients!” True enough, Benzyl Alcohol was in the list of ingredients, and on the opposite panel it says Alcohol Free.

What shocked us further is when we searched Benzyl Alcohol and found that it is DANGEROUS TO VERY YOUNG CHILDREN!

Attached are photos of your “Made In China for FairPrice” product for reference.

I would like a refund for this product, although I opened the shrink wrap, I did not use the product.

I would also like to call for a total product recall unless you are able to prove that the product is “Alcohol Free” as claimed, and Benzyl Alcohol in the ingredients is proven not to cause any harm to babies.

Melvin Chia
A.S.S. Reader

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