17 year-old Teh Kian Wei, a Malaysian Chinese student boarded a bus in Batu Pahat, Johor, with his friend and was heading home when he was approached by a group of about 10 Malay youth in their early 20s, who appeared to be high on drugs.

According to Malaysia’s China Press, Teh said they were on their way home at about 7.15PM after watching a movie at a mall in Batu Pahat.

“We were seated in the last row when the youths boarded the bus.

“They told us that this place was their ‘territory’ and asked us to go back to China,” he said.

Despite ignoring them, Teh said the group started raining punches and kicks on him.

Teh suffered bruises on his back, shoulder and ears. The bus conductor, who tried to intervene, was threatened.

“They told the conductor they would beat him up too if he didn’t mind his own business,” he said.

He added that his watch and a smartphone worth a total of about RM2,000 was snatched from him.

The driver later sent Teh to a police station to lodge a report and to a government clinic for treatment.

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