Dear Editors,

When the AGO released reports of lapses by AHPETC, the result was immense. Newspapers and television news report this over and over 24/7. Inquiries were
held. WP members were questioned repeatedly. Court sessions were heard. And grants were held back too.

Yet with the most recent AGO findings regarding government-related facilities, I couldn’t help but notice some difference with the treatment given, for lapses that were pretty similar.

On the Straits Times, I counted exactly 2 reports of this incident. On the TV news, I literally heard zero news about this. Difference much?

Also, I didn’t realize that involved parties can investigate their own selves and self-declare innocence.

I guess that means that if I am a chairman, I can approve my own claims first, and then I provide the documents later. I can also award contracts to myself. There is no evidence of dishonesty here.

Last year, when AGO reported payouts being given to deceased people, the people in charge immediately pushed the blame onto the vendors (who were not
named), and claim the problem has been rectified since. No further inquiry was made.

I am amazed by how short people’s memories are. That carpet must be really big for so much crap to be swept under it.

Oh! That reminds me! Didn’t someone say that when lapses like these occur, the person-in-charge should commit harakiri? I am glad to know that we have such honest and responsible people taking care of us. I bet their first priority is always us, the people. What would we ever do without them.

SG Keyboardwarrior
A.S.S. Contributor

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