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My friend Elfie De Souza witnessed a fatal accident in front of Khatib MRT station and the motorcycle victim’s blood stained $100 dollar note flew to his feet. But he did not pocket the money but spend many effort looking for the victim to return it personally. Total salute for his big effort and integrity.

Elfie said on FB: “Anybody whom are related to the motorcyclist that was involved in a serious accident infront of Khatib Mrt station at about 3pm kindly do inform me because his blood-stained $100 note flew on my feet & I would like to personally return to him.”

He also make way down to Khoo teck puat hospital to see help from the nurse to identify the victim but the hospital staff were unhelpful in helping track down the patient. He update that “hospital staff not helpful doesn’t have any iniative to assist me tracking down the injured female pillion for me to return her $100 note”

Sadly, after much effort, the family of the victim contacted him and he managed to return the money! i respect him for all his effort just to return a $100 note that is not his. this is a good example i think singaporeans should know about.

This was his last update on the matter: “Thank you so much to every kind souls on FB because I managed to get in touch with the deceased family members & personally returned the $100 note at the funeral wake held at Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 because my MOST beloved late granny (mak) taught me never to keep anything that doesn’t belong to me.”

A.S.S. Contributor

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