A whatsapp message warning Singaporean parents about the dangers of a LED balloon from the SG50 goodie bag has gone viral on cyberspace. The message allegedly from an RC member warns that when the LED balloon is overblown, dangerous pellets will fly out of the exploding balloon and these projectiles may cause serious injuries to the face and eyes.

The message advised parents to take special care especially when young children are playing with the toy.

After All Singapore Stuff shared the viral whatsapp message, others parents have stepped forward and reflected the same experience with the balloon. This was what some of them said:

Tan Andrew Eng Chuan: "Yap. True. Last night, blew it and boom. Things fly out. Not safe."

Albert Chan: "Yes its true. My boy came to me with a few jglass beads"

Jaja Riyan Nazz: "Yes its true. I blow and the palets blew off."

Other worried parents suggested that the authorities stop distributing this dangerous toy and advised other parents to stop their children from playing with this potentially hazardous toy.

It is unclear if the authorities will address the concerns reflected by Singaporean parents. To be safe, parents should pay careful attention and take precaution to prevent unnecessary injury to their child.


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